behind the design


Product:   Desk Lamp

Client:      BHS (launched in 2014 - £39.99)

Features:  Fabric covered tubing, industrial-style metal head, brushed brass and pewter finishes, E14 lamp.

Inspired by a reel of coiled cable, Maxwell started as a unique concept that drove the question "why not?". JW developed the form and technique to create a solid form that mimics the mannerisms of loose flex and used the structure to form the main detail of a truly unique desk lamp.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. When creating a new concept for BHS, JW fell apon an earlier work, or more specifically, a photo of it. The development was an upcycled metal lamp shade from early century desk lamp which used some modern coloured fabric cable. One of the photos of this had the head hung in mid-air by a chain with the cable coiled underneath. It was this photo which inspired the idea of a fixed version of this very photo.

Developing the form to mimic this as a solid shape was labour of love. Little victories led to a structure of metal tubing that looked natural and was capable to be wrapped in fabric sleeving. Due to the fragile nature of the coiled shape, the head needed to be light. An industrial-style metal shape was chosen with some subtle knurled detailing.

From concept to finished article, this design inspired by a photo became a blueprint for many more JW designs. The prototype was received with great enthusiasm and a plug-in wall lamp and floor lamp were added to accompany the desk lamp.