behind the design


Product:   Wall Lamp, Dinning Pendant & Touch/Desk lamp

Client:      HABITAT (launched in 2019 - £60-225)

Features: LED light source, Touch activated, Brushed brass metal finish, Opal globe glass.

The Harper LED brass family was created to be a step forward in HABITAT's lighting offer, designed with a modern twist on simple geometrics based on a stack of snowballs. It became a real design statement with its balanced form, sleek design and irregular arranged glass globes.

HABITAT historically invest well in there designs and when JW was asked to work on a "Balance and Support" themed lighting suite, he took a step back to find inspiration. And it was found in the front garden.

It was early February and a layer of heavy snowfall had blanketed the country. JW's young twins spent the morning building snowmen and snowball towers in the garden. One tower was single stacked and at waist height. "What if this was a light?".

Combining this line of thought with Scandinavian design influences, JW developed a look of lit balls sporadically arranged on beams. Originally named "Snowball", Harper became a family of lights ideal to fit the iconic modern styling of the Habitat brand. A two-pole dinning pendant was created, where one pole hung under another. A stacked table lamp evolved into a wall lamp and a simpler single globe desk was devised which incorporated a touch activated feature. The use of LED was encouraged as an efficient light source and allowed for a more dynamic style for this range, as the need to replace lamps was no longer a factor.

Harper demonstrates that inspiration is everywhere, even in very unusual circumstances. It doesn’t often snow on the South Coast!